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Everleigh POV

I can finally go. The doctor said I'm already fine. Mr. Hunderson told me Jackson will help me here. Father came from his board meeting, he paid the bills and bid his goodbye after seeing I'm okay.

I heard a knock on my hospital room. "Come in," I said. It's probably Jackson. "Jackson could you—ohh,"


I crossed my arms. "Where have you been? Why did you came too late?"

"I was...outside, the whole weekend."

"What? And you didn't even enter to check on me?"

He walked towards me. "I did, once. But Jackson is always here inside so I decided to stay outside. I don't want to interrupt you two." He smiled.

I sighed. "Okay," I turned my back to him.

Then he wants us some privacy. It's great though. I had a fun hospital days with Jackson taking care of me—that I wish it was him. But I change my mind.

I put the fruits and my clothes on the separate backpacks.

"I' you with that," Raven help me putting my clothes. "I'll carry all these for you, Ms. Scott."

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