Raven POV

"You know me even before?!" Everleigh shockingly asked me. "Really? When, where, how?!"

I chuckled. I embraced her before kissing her neck. We just finished making love, but I'm insatiable.

"Raven, tell me the story,"

"Hmm? What story?" I traveled my hands around her chest and face her with a smirk.

Everleigh smack my hand and removed it. "Tell or else you'll never sleep here for month,"

My forehead creased. "What? No way,"

"Yes, yes way,"

"Alright," I fixed my position in bed. Everleigh lay her head on my chest. "Hmm, the first one is back in our grade school."


Mom knocked on the door of my room decorated with marvel superheroes. It was my favorite. Our house is huge and we live in a village.

Mom opened the door. "Honey, let's go, are you done?"

I looked at the mirror and fixing the buttons of my white polo. But it is not fixed. I don't know.

Mom chuckled and went towards me. "Honey, how come you kn
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