Jinx: He is watching

Everleigh POV

"Wait a minute, it's you?!" I immediately sit on the bed and looked at Raven who is resting. "Oh, boy..."

The fabric cloth covering my naked chest fell of, making Raven smirked. He sits and cup my mountain. "You remember now?" he started massaging my n-pples.

My back arc on it's own. "M-Maybe that why I felt comfortable with back when I was kidnapped... I remember now,"

Raven leaned forward and reached for my lips. He planted one sexy kiss. He suck my lower lip, teasing me, and the sound that our kiss made got me wet down there.

"I never forgot of you, Eve, never." His hand traveled down to my very core. I spread my legs for his professional fingers. "I was on dilemma when I saw you, all I know about you is your name is Leigh...nothing else,"

I wrap my arms around his neck as my mouth opened a bit. His fingers started massaging my c-lit. "...ughh..." I let out a small moan.

Raven laid me down to the bed and continue what he is doing. I
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