Count on

Raven POV

Everleigh and I went to our grade school campus, I just wanted her to see where I always stand and wait for her car to pass by. And I'll never get inside my classes until I saw her—except when the bell rings or the guard tell me so.

"I should have glance here even just for a second to see you," Eve said before leaning his head on my shoulder.

Currently, we are in her car, parked near the campus. I bought her donuts and drinks for snacks—she isn't eating.

"You not hungry?" I asked.

She shook her head before lifting her face.

Apart from I wanted her to see outside and have a kind of little road trip date with her, this is for the shadow to distract him. He may have a his own securities at the hospital, or everywhere, so this could be a good distraction to his thoughts.

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Eve asked, like this is a very dumb idea. "Isn't it too... you know, easy?"

The end of my lips curved, before I eyed on her. "He is smart, he see us as his pawns and plaything
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