Chapter 8


"Please just put me down..." Michelle begs. I'm still carrying her like a hunting trophy. She is seriously lightweight and needs to eat something. But the fact that I can handle her so easily kind of turns me on. What is wrong with my head?

Michelle keeps squirming. "This is embarrassing! Please put me down! Maddox..."


Pfft! I don't give a fuck. I've glared at every fool who has stared at us, and not a single one has kept looking.

This is fine.

"We are almost by your apartment."

"Maddox... P-please... Blood is rushing to my head..."

A sigh escapes me.

I don't do friends or girlfriends. Relationships aren't for me, yet I relent when the little thing begs me to put her down again. She is like a tiny little rabbit. Defenseless, and it does weird things to my brain.

It shouldn't be legal for a girl of this stature to walk out alone...


"Fine," I grumble.

I grab Michelle and put her down next to me. The fabric of her jacket slides up her flat st
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Why do you say free and then you have to buy for more. Cannot afford $25 or more to read an entire book.
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Life with Lirpa
I need more free chapters!
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Mia Cummings
Such a sweet story!! Keeps me smiling as I read on.

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