Chapter 9


I'm so out of place. I came to watch Maddox's football game but didn't realize the stadium would be so PACKED with people.

My nerves are jittering around, and I'm close to puking.

I've never once before went to one of these games. My heart is racing, and I think I might be sick AND broke.

Stupid as I am, I bought the ticket with my own money, and now I'm surrounded by shouting and whistling fans.

I didn't realize this game would be so huge. Outside the stadium, children were getting their faces painted. There is a freaking orchestra playing music, and I'm staring at some girls holding up these banderoles.

It feels like I've stepped into a movie.

A trio of good-looking blonde women with colors painted on their faces holds up this thing that says, "WE WANT MADDOX'S BABIES!!"

I find that sickening to write since they don't know him.

But maybe that kind of thing is normal to write?

Further down, another says, "Jason, call me!!"

Sighing, I sink into my seat. Maddox of
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Susan Huerta
I am so loving this book so far
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Charline Geduldt
really great story congrats
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Lapamela elliott
love the story

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