Chapter 10


There is a jarring feeling in my heart. All I want is to continue kissing Maddox, but he slips me down from his muscular torso and proceeds to hug me from behind.

The back of my head is faced with his broad chest. He is warm and big and runs his fingers through my hair.

I shudder, and I think I hear him breathe a laugh. He continues to run those rough fingers over my scalp.

It's sweet.

It gives me butterflies.

But it's all fake love.

We are putting on a show for his parent or parents, and I fight tears when he carefully brushes my hair to the right side of my face. Down my collarbone while tilting his head.

The gentleness is killing me.

I glimpse up, and his relentless eyes find mine. He seems a bit irritated, but I have this notion it's an emotion reserved for his parents.

"It's only my mom. My dad must have strolled back to the car or something," Maddox grunts. "I can see my mom walking here, though. Her name is Catharina, but everyone calls her Cath."

My v
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Eulalia Ele
wonderful ..nice story
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Gracie Cala Bantilan
i love this book
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Miriam S. Gerero
Excited to read the next episode!

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