Chapter 11


I don't belong at this fancy restaurant, and my only comfort is that Maddox doesn't fit in either.

Not when he is wearing sweatpants and a hoodie—the only thing he had with him to the game. The rest of his stuff is in the back of his car.

I eye his chest, and even though his muscles are hidden behind the fabric and some cheesy slogan from our college, they are still visible. Firm and snug. Maddox is in peak condition.

My cheeks turn molten when his eyes catch me looking, and I stare at the floor instead. We finish our drinks in silence. There is no sign of our food, and the atmosphere is thick.



"They usually aren't this slow," Maddox comments. "Maybe they burned our food or something."

"I bet it would still taste good even if they burnt it. I've never eaten at a classy dinner before. The chefs here could probably serve me dog shit, and I would still like it."

Maddox chokes on his drink and laughs tears. "Did prim and proper Michelle just say the wor
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Armida Garcia Cudney
I can't stop smiling. They are falling for each other.
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Lapamela elliott
he is falling for her
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Susan Sharpe Kendall
just let us read free.You get in to the story.And then that's it. Sorry.

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