Chapter 16


Usually, I can always keep my head cool. During a game that I know, we are losing? No problem. After being tackled by a dude my fellow teammates couldn't take down on the field? No problem.

But when Jason and the other guys are talking to Michelle? I'm having trouble whisking eggs in peace.

Here I am, trying to impress Michelle, and these assholes are flirting with her to keep her attention on them.

I know what you're thinking: young jocks don't want relationships at this point in their lives. But there is where you are wrong. Michelle is excellent at baking and cooking, and all guys here are enormous—mentioning food is how you speak to our souls.

My nostrils flare when Jason, the idiot, wags his eyebrows my way with a smirk on his lips. He leans closer to Michelle, where she sits on her chair, and my skin boils.

I obviously can't be in love with her: she isn't my type, but WHY ARE THEY ALL SO CLOSE TO HER?!

I pour pancake batter into the pan, glaring at Jason. Lione
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Becka Anderson
DUDE!???!!!!!!! Like how much of a Jock are you? Wake up...Too Late, she's better than you!
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Maxine Garner
sure of it.

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