Chapter 17


I'm so confused.

What does Maddox want from me? First, he makes me agree to pretend to be his girlfriend, and then he tells his friends that I'm not his type. What is that guy doing? Did he change his mind?


Was the sex with me so terrible that he doesn't even want to continue being in a fake relationship with me?

My head is spinning.

Why are guys so confusing?

I drink another glass of water. I'm trying to study inside the kitchen, but it's pretty impossible with Ciara and Zendra watching TV with the guys they are dating.

The volume is too high, and I jump every time the girls scream at whatever lousy horror movie is playing. I bet they are faking it to hug their boyfriends. I would do the same with Maddox...

Then again, maybe I wouldn't dare?

The guy wants nothing to do with me; he has made that clear by how he acted. He would push me aside if I even tried that with him. And then, with his stern face, he would most likely point out why I'm not his type and hurt me wi
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
I wondered that too? Who gave her number and why is she not angry about it..
goodnovel comment avatar
Armida Garcia Cudney
Wait a minute. Maybe she can go to the police and inform the police and show police the texts from Thomas's phone.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mama Jen
How the heck did the whole team get her number? Like really I know men talk but sharing digits that's scary.

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