Chapter 122


I can't focus on the TV.

I'm trying to keep my breaths steady and pay attention to the news, but Zane is ruffling my feathers by simply existing.

He is eating dinner from his plate. The pasta he promised. His back is against the wall, and he sits comfortably beside me on a mattress. We haven't bought a couch yet, but watching TV in an almost empty living room is a funny feeling.

I scoop more chocolate cake into my mouth while wondering if Zane would take offense if I moved to rest my feet across the mattress. I wouldn't need to touch him, but would he find it weird if my painted toenails wriggled right on the front of his bent legs?

Silently, I study his profile.

Zane is sitting in a lotus position, and as if sensing me watching him, he turns around to face me with his I'm-going-to-rock-your-world smile. He also has smarmy bedroom eyes and a ridiculously handsome face.

Damn it all. It's not bidding well for me while I'm on these freaking pregnancy hormones. I wish my
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goodnovel comment avatar
I love Shirley. She’s definitely one of my favorite characters but, man enough is enough of the martyrdom. Get busy please. I’ll be so disappointed if nothing happens when they shower.
goodnovel comment avatar
I just love Shirley so much ...️ I wasn't sure the way she was introduced was kinda sus...but she has become my favorite
goodnovel comment avatar
L a d y D e e
Girl you need to drop the soap ….

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