Chapter 129


When I waltzed into the kitchen earlier, I had no clue that my fantastic morning was about to head straight into the pits of hell.

I'm cooking lunch for Shirley. She fell back asleep after breakfast. And Dela and Lionel aren't here. I mind my own business flipping meat for the mother of my child, and that's when it happens.

Shirley strolls into the kitchen, rubbing sleep from her eyes while wearing one of my oversized jerseys. Even pregnant, the thing looks like a damn blanket on her. Cute.

"Oh, steaks for lunch?"

Without looking away from the frying pan, I smile. "You know it."

"Awesome," she strokes her hand over my back. "I feel terrible just getting everything handed to me. You're spoiling me."

"I am, but I don't mind."

"You're precious."

Shirley takes a seat by the table and flips through her phone. I hand her a glass of juice and the food. The mood is light and fun, and that's when everything changes.

Suddenly my five sister bust into the kitchen out of nowhere

The chapter is late, and I apologize. I'm trying to get my word count up for "A virgin for the player," which was released on the app earlier today. This is the reason for me being slow. I want to have a few chapters up on my new book just to determine if people will like it. Thank you for reading and being understanding!

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goodnovel comment avatar
We LOVE this book and definitely loving the new one too! I’m already on it and dying for updates on these two books! Thanks, author!
goodnovel comment avatar
Queen Harley
Yay love the new chapter was worth the wait awwww all his sisters are backing him up that’s real family love
goodnovel comment avatar
jajaja love that his sisters like her, they could tone their dominant tendencies a little though, their baby brother is an adult now, they need to respect his space amd boundaries. No wonder he tought Gina controlling him was her loving him.

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