Chapter 135


I'm dabbing makeup on my eyelids when I receive a text message. My eyes land on my phone sitting on the toilet lid, and my eyebrows shoot into my hairline when I see it's from Gina.

What the heck does she want now?

Curious, I slide my fingers over the screen.

Gina: So I've been thinking... I want to apologize for how I behaved the last time we saw each other in person. If you would let me... This isn't easy for me, Shirley. I'm sure it's not for you either. But I'm going to become an aunt, so... Could we talk?

My heartbeats are erratic. Truthfully, I do miss my sister. She might be superficial, but she is family. And... If Gina is apologizing for something, then wow. She has never done that before. This is character growth, so maybe I should hear her out?

Losing your ex-husband to your sister can't be easy either. I understand her anger and frustration. I do, but... Can Gina get over what happened, or will she hold a grudge?

Me: You won't try to slash me for being with y

Don't forget to read "A Virgin For The Player" some of the characters from here crossover to that one as well. I'm still unsure whether Caroline(Shirley's old roommate) will find a hockey player or a football player. I still need to get a higher word count on pregnant too young. Either way, do check it out!

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Parwan Kaur
choos3 Andrew for Caroline and please leave Jake for winnie
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Winona Hall
Go read "A virgin for the player" between updates. same characters appear there. helps the wait
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mmmm I don't trust Gina's good will

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