Chapter 86 Wanton

"Amelia..." Vasily whines after being awakened by the hand playing his half-hard member.

"Hmm...I will just hold" with her muffled voice, she sleepily retorted.

Taking a deep breath, he tries to go back to sleep but her hand kept on moving, stroking his most sensitive vein.

"You want?" he whispers as he nibbles her ears. He could make love to her if she wanted to just to have his good night's sleep.

"I'm so sleepy, baby. Maybe tomorrow" she softly counters.

"But you are playing with it. It's awake now" huskily, he whispers.

"I am not doing anything. I can sleep better while holding this little fellow here" she responded while getting settled inside his embrace. Her hand is gently playing with his now, rock-hard erection.

"Arghh...Amelia. This torture again" he growls, controlling his desire to sheath himself into her tightness.

This has been going on for several days now. He can't sleep well with her hand wrapped around his member. They have made love earlier but it seems not
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Comments (7)
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Charma McElvene
interesting how we went from shopping to a full term preagnancy.
goodnovel comment avatar
author pls dont end this book yet... l hope u'll also write about the other siblings.....
goodnovel comment avatar
Monica Jones
baby time. can't wait

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