Chapter 88 The Fussy Heir

Carl and Lyon rushed inside to find a somehow normal scene inside a delivery room.

Lia is on the hospital bed with the lower half of her body concealed by a hanged surgical cloth, for privacy.

While her doctor is standing between her wide-open legs while two nurses assist her. The midwife and her assistant are cleaning the newborn heir nearby. While the pediatrician is closely monitoring.

What's unusual about the scene is Vasili being slumped atop Lia's chest while a nurse is holding him still. They could see her placing gentle kisses on his face while saying something they could not hear.

Vasili, on the other hand, looks lethargic on his spot, seeming to be asleep.

"What happened?" Larry, who is closely following behind, asks upon seeing the scene.

"Vasili fainted" Lia was the one to explain despite her constricted breath, not from giving birth but from the heaviness of Vasili's top body slumped on her chest.

Earlier, they are both enjoying their newborn right after he came out,
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goodnovel comment avatar
Rocky Moore
Oh boi Vasili i think your wife wants more than one bby with you haha ... and I’m glad they named bby Eric after the two granddad’s and going to put it on record
goodnovel comment avatar
wish they'll have more kids hehe
goodnovel comment avatar
Monica Jones
I knew he fainted. that's sweet that they named him after her father and his great grandfather

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