Chapter 96 Reborn

Graduation rites. It was supposed to be just a simple celebration of the success of students in their chosen craft. However, with the wife of the famous CEO and Mafia Boss on the graduation list, the university looks like a battlefield.

Not to mention the crowd of media personnel at the sides who are covering the event upon knowledge of the CEO's presence with his entire family.

Fully armed security in black suits swarmed the campus while the ceremony is ongoing. Though the university staff, parents, guests, and students are all anxious about their presence, everyone is bewildered by the spectacle.

It's not every day such a show happens in the university. Adding to the fact that they have the chance to have a glimpse of the four famous heirs and their equally famous parents.

The entire Wright family has arrived to attend Lia's graduation ceremony together with the little man in Alek Vasili's arms. Eric Carlos.

As famous personalities, every eye was on them since their entrance. It
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goodnovel comment avatar
Hello dear, they are doing fine I think. ;-) Kidding aside, whatever they are doing, they will have their time. Soon but not soonest... ;->
goodnovel comment avatar
Ohh! Please author just at least two chapters a day. What’s happening with the other siblings on both sides?
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Vivienne Musse
This hurts my soul. I just want to read without waiting but I started reading another in the meantime!! Not happy though. The pleasure is the opportunity to complete at my own leisure

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