"Come on now, Ezzie"

The small boy hiding at the post abruptly stopped and peek at his mother.

"Mama, how did you know I'm here?" exasperated by his ruined plan to scare his mother, he pouted and slumped on the floor. He is so disappointed in his failure.

Smiling, Lia shook her head before turning to her son.

"I can hear the loud beat of your heart, buddy" she tenderly explains to the sulking boy. For a three-year-old, he is doing great with his Stepanov training, but he still has a lot to learn before he could be invincible as he dreams to be.

"I can't stop my heart to beat, mama. I will be dead if that happens" incredulous, he frustratedly raves.

Tenderly smiling, she stares at his sulking face.

"Your excitement to scare me made your heart beat faster. You have to relax your body. You have to be one with the air. The air will divulge your presence" carefully, she explains.

It's at this time of his age that a Stepanov child should master the skills to be one with the environme
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Ginah Dolalas
Reading this for the 5th time now and can’t get over it still. Lucy and Kara please
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Ginah Dolalas
Looking forward for Lucy’s story. Please dear author. I love your pieces and I can’t wait for another sequel. Lucy, Xander and of course for the babydoll Lissie
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Joanne Tomkins
is there a book 2 if whats it called please
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