Chapter 3 Who Was Flirting With Me?

"How was it, the business is done?" I asked.

"That's enough, darling. Sorry for making you wait so long," he said quietly.

I felt Brandy's hands wrap around my waist.

We were silent for a while.

"Don't be afraid, I won't leave you," Brandy whispered in my ear.

The touch of his beard on my ear gave me goosebumps.

"I love you!” he whispered again. This time his face slightly turned to the nape of my neck.

Ah, that touch is getting more and more tempting.

"Honey, your body is so beautiful. I never thought I could marry a girl as beautiful as you. Thank you, I love you," Brandy whispered stifled.

That voice, I knew this man was wanting something from me.

My guess really came true.

The big hand released my kimono. Being a newlywed, I'm still passive.

The hand began to creep. I'm flying.

The game continues, until I don't know when was the last time the thin bandage on my body came off.

Without realizing it, the man who is now with me is also in the same situation.

I didn't expect, this time Brandy's game was different than before. I feel like this time, I was really flattered. I salute him. Looks like he recognizes the typical game I like

I can't say. But in my heart I recognized Brandy's skill. Maybe because it's our honeymoon night. Could it be that he had been hiding his talent all this time?

He can easily beat me with his hot game.

My body is dripping with sweat.

After the hot game was over, Brandy hugged me tightly.

"Thanks darling. I really really love you. I will always take care of you, Mera," Brandy whispered as he kissed my forehead.

I was touched by his words.

"Thank you for being a good husband for me."

Brandy is silent.

I accidentally touched his face. Strange. There's something wet in there.

My heart wonders why Brandy sheds tears. Isn't this a happy moment? Or is he excited?

I hug Brandy tightly.

A moment later, Brandy was busy with himself. I think she's wearing her clothes.

Why didn't he clean the body first? But oh well. The attitude of a man who knows. I thought to myself, Brandy's a little weird tonight.

"Honey, I'll be out in a minute. Close the door again!" he said.

"Where are you going, honey?" I asked.

"Get out a breath of fresh air. Just a moment,"

"But the lights are off, I'm scared," I said.

"Do not be afraid. Soon the lights will come back on, don't forget to quickly clean your body, honey. Later your husband wants to ask for a second round," 

I finally gave up.

Before leaving, Brandy hugged me again. I'm surprised by his attitude.

Shortly after Brandy came out.

Sure enough. The lights are on. I feel relieved.

I clean my body. Then I made the messy bed again.

Everything was tidy.

I waited a long time for Brandy to come back.

"It's been so long," I grumbled.

Tok ... Tok ... Tok ...!

"Honey!" Brandy's voice was clear.

Without hesitation I opened the door.

"Sorry dear, long. The problem was that it was an important issue that was discussed and had to be finished tomorrow. I'm sorry!"


A warm kiss landed on my forehead.

Brandy stepped in.

"There was nothing strange after I left, right, honey? There are no ghosts, right? Oh yes, you were asleep last night? Tonight your husband wants something special, you know. You know what I mean, right? 

"After all, it was already given," I snapped.

I'm weird with Brandy's attitude, didn't he already get it? Why now charge again with gusto. Even though I also need time to rest. Hehe..

Whereas Brandy narrowed her eyes at my words just now..

"When? I just got home after all. Ooh want to refuse?" He teased.

I'm shocked.

If Brandy had just come home, who had sex with me earlier?

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