Chapter 5 Terror

Is this how it feels to be face to face with a handsome man? I can't describe the sensation in words.

"I want to soon have a little angel who will be a complement to our happiness, Mera. If it's a girl, surely our child will be beautiful like his mother," said Brandy.

"And if it's a boy, he will be handsome like his father," I replied.

"What if I ask for three children later? It would be great if our house was enlivened and enlivened with cute children," said Brandy.

I'm glad to hear that, so he really expects me to be the wife, and gave birth to a child for him.

Brandy's hand crept mischievously again. Exploring the hidden curves of my body.

Thus, the night was appropriate to chat with each other, the warm battle was repeated again. Feels like I'm flying to heaven.

But there is something different about the second game. I don't know, what's wrong with my feelings?


I opened my eyes. Slowly my eyes caught a ray of sunlight slipping between the ventilation holes.

Oouh, I'm late apparently. At the door leading to the balcony, a smile from Brandy's handsome man greeted me awake. 

"You're awake, honey!" he greeted.

The man who was only wearing a t-shirt with shorts approached. His chest looks broad and dashing. His athletic body really amazed me. His hair looks wet. Has he showered?

Wow, how is this story? Why am I even late?

He brought his face closer. A warm touch on my lips.

"Honey, take a shower, I've prepared a warm drink for you. Soon our breakfast will come, "he said very softly.

"Oops, it's noon? Oops sorry. I overslept," I said as I got up.

Eits, when I opened the blanket, it turned out that there was nothing to cover this body.

Aww, I reflexively re-cover the blanket that had been parted.

Seeing my behavior, Brandy smiled widely.

"Honey, I'm your husband. Last night I saw everything, how come?" Brandy teases me.

"Eh, hmm," I misbehave.

"Mm, Can I have my kimono please?" I said.

"I sent your kimono last night to the laundry service with our dirty clothes yesterday too, honey." He answered.

What? Has he sent my kimono to a laundry service? My dirty clothes too? Ouch. What kind of wife am I? Why did my husband take over my duties as a wife.

"Sorry, sorry, I was late, so I had to bother you" again I apologized.

"It is okay, dear. You must be tired because of what I did last night right?" He said with a mischievous smile.

Brandy grabbed something and brought it to me.

"If you're still embarrassed, use the towel," Brandy wrapped the towel around my neck.


"Well, my angel already looks very beautiful," said Brandy.

Yeah, I'm already tidy with my choice of clothes today.

"Thank you, honey," I took another sip of the warm drink my husband had prepared.

"Honey, let's go out! A breath of fresh air" Brandy took me by the hand.

"Okay," I confirmed.

We came out of the Villa room. Walk through the fresh trees and blooming flowers.

"It's beautiful," I said.

"Want to go to a restaurant?" Brandy offered.

"No need. We're here. Enjoying the morning atmosphere," I replied.

"Good morning ...! "He greeted someone from behind.

I turned.

Haaa ...? 

I was shocked.

Kevin Abraham? My heart was beating fast again. Why did this man approach us?

Of course, it wasn't easy to come face to face with this man who was once a part of my past, and now he's even got the title of brother-in-law for me.

Because of that, I really feel bothered by his presence.

God gave an unpleasant destiny.

Kevin Abraham looked at me and gave me a smile that was hard for me to understand. What does this strange man want?



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