Chapter 8 Calamity In The Villa Room

I actually wanted to get out of the villa and enjoy the garden to just breathe fresh air. But to step out, I don't have enough courage. I was worried about meeting Abraham, the stubborn brother-in-law.

Suddenly, a call came into my phone.

Heuumm ...! 

From my husband Brandy.

"Honey, please check if there is a document in my bag, please give it to Sis Abraham, okay? He's in the inn's room *****  number 7. He just called. Please, honey. Abraham needs that document now."

Oooh, it turns out that man rented an inn? 

Wow, fear immediately creeps into my mind.

While the strange turmoil in my body is getting worse.

"Honey, can you go home now? Miss you. Mmm," I mumbled.

It was the turmoil in my body that prompted me to speak boldly. There's no denying that in a situation like this I need Brandy.

"Patient, Honey. I'm starting to be brave, aren't you?" Brandy teased.

I feel strange with the heat that runs through my body

"Now, please take the documents to Abraham's room, okay? I'll be home in the evening. Save the miss, okay?"

"Oops, looks like I can't deliver the document to Abraham's room," I immediately refused.

"It's okay honey, Abraham won't hurt you. Please, this is very important."

     How about this? How do I refuse? Oh, where is this work? Meanwhile, the heat that spreads is getting out of control. I need something. 

Meanwhile, Abraham wanted the document. And I have to deliver. Unlucky! Maybe this is just Abraham's trick.

"Honey, I beg you. Okay, I'll call Abraham later. So that he will wait at the door so you don't have to knock on his door."

"All right.," at least that's better than knocking on the bastard's door.

I rushed to the bag he meant, it's true that a document is now in my hand.

I quickly stepped to open the door.

Happp ...!

Suddenly a man's strong hand gripped my wrist tightly. While the other hand closed the door, then quickly locked it.

I was shocked.

I stared at who was now standing in front of me. I want to cry.

"A ... Abraham?"

"Why?” Abraham looked me in the eye.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I want to see you, Mera. Sure, I miss you,"

"Bullshit, I'm your brother's wife. Don't be stupid, Abraham," I shouted.

I tried as hard as I could to get his hand off my wrist. But my efforts were in vain.

"I don't care whose wife you are. All I know is I love you. You can't refuse me, Mera. Admit it, now you want it too, don't you?"

He brought his face close quickly, something hit my lips.

"Help...! Please! Don't do this to me Abraham."

"Please...! Someone! Help me! " I screamed with all my might.

"You forgot, honey. This room is airtight. No one will be able to hear you. Enjoy it!" said Abraham.

The smell of alcohol wafted from his mouth.

Oh my God...! This man is drunk. What should I do?

I struggled as I kept screaming for help, but it seemed my efforts were in vain, Abraham's strength far exceeded mine.

 "Don't waste your voice yelling at me, honey."

"Crazy ...! Let me go!” I screamed and struggled to dodge.

I don't know how, now it feels hard to move my body. It felt like everything in my body was locked by Abraham. I'm running out of energy. Only tears rolled down his cheeks.

"It's useless for you to cry, Mera. I'm the one you're making the most of because of your and Brandy's marriage."

Abraham blindly fiddled with my clothes at will, his hands and lips danced over this agony. But thoughts that shouldn't spread like electricity. The desire that I had been holding back since earlier was slightly healed.

With the ferocity he has, he enjoys this body with his unclean touches


This time I just shed tears.

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