Chapter 14 Forgetting Isn't Easy

Chapter 14 Forgetting Isn't Easy

"Where are the insects?" I went back to what Brandy had said.

"No bugs, honey. There's this,"

Brandy handed the box into my hands. I greeted it cheerfully.

"What is this? For me? Very beautiful!" repeat me again.

"Yes, Mera. I bought this gift especially for you. You can open it!"

"Oooh, thank you, thank you."

Slowly I opened the small box.

What...? As soon as I opened the box, I saw a fine and elegant silver chain with a sparkling blue eye pendant.

I was amazed.

"How? Do you like it?" asked Brandy asking for my opinion.

"Ooh, of course, of course. Mmm, on the other hand wouldn't it be worth spending money to buy me a present as good as this? It must be very expensive," I said. My heart is not good

I looked at the necklace carefully, I know, not just anyone can buy expensive things with a pendant as beautiful as this.

"It's not appropriate for a husband to feel at a loss to make his wife h
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