Chapter 15 The Past Moment

Chapter 15 The Past Moment

I feel bad for Abraham's presence in this villa. I don't like it.

I hastily changed clothes. In my heart I hoped Abraham would get out of here soon. I don't want to be bothered all the time because his presence could gradually make Brandy steal

I didn't want to disappoint Brandy in the least because of Abraham's behavior.

He said he wanted to go abroad, but why hasn't the man left yet? Was it just a trick? To make me happy? Weird man. I'd be happier when you finally did go abroad, Abraham. It means I will feel safe from you who I have treated like a ghost.

Di it's raining hard out there. It was getting dark. I pulled the blanket. Cover my body to be warmer.

After a while, the two men entered. Brandy and Abraham at first glance look almost the same. It's just that Kevin Abraham is taller and more muscular than Brandy.

But that doesn't mean my husband's Brandy is any less attractive. Brandy actually seems friendlier and more co
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