Chapter 18 Dilemma

I put the apple slices that were still in my hands back on the table.

Abraham again, Abraham again. As time goes on, this man just bores me more and more.

"Why, honey?" Brandy touched my shoulder.

"Not. I'm fine." I answered quickly.

To avoid awkwardness, I went back to enjoying the apple slices that I had put on the table. I don't care about who buys it. Brandy also joined in to enjoy.

In this heart, why did Abraham buy apples for us? Huh, I hope his intentions are sincere.


A man sits on a chair in an inn room. He was facing the table with the laptop on it.

On the laptop monitor, there is a photo of a woman with thick, shaggy black hair. The woman's body was not very tall, but it matched her perfect body shape and charming oval face.

That woman has mastered Abraham's heart.

"I hope you like the apple I sent earlier, Mera. Actually I really want to see you enjoying the apple voraciously, as I have often seen before." Abraham though
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