Chapter 20 Wound On Abraham's Head

"Abraham really knows what good food is," Brandy continued.

"Abraham, what is this?” Mrs Jonathan touched Abraham's forehead. Everyone there glanced at Abraham.

I gasped.

It was a blue wound from the glass I threw at him at the villa. My God! I didn't think it would be that bad.

"That's the former hit by the urn, Mom." Brandy said.

I frowned. How could Brandy say that?

"How come?" Mrs Jonathan is confused.

"Abraham told me the story, Mom. Right, Abraham?" Brandy turned to Abraham.

"Brandy is right. Because yesterday a cat entered my room and nudged the jar on the table, then hit my head which was bowing down," said Abraham explained

I know he's lying.

"Ouch, this is bad. Do you want me to get you some medicine?"

"No need, ma'am. The pain is no longer felt. After all, I love the cat who made my head like this," Abraham said jokingly.

I hate Abraham's jokes. Because I am the one who caused his head to be like that. Not
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