chapter 11

As my driver was driving me home, I was shaking with fright, my anxiety was up to 100 at this point that I couldn't breathe, that I couldn't think. The driver pulled over a few times to help me calm me down before I went into Cardiac Arrest and he would have to drive me to the hospital.

Once he calmed me down both times, he drove on and finally we got to my house. When he helped me to my door, he asked me was there anything he could help me with just called him. He gave me his number and walked away.

He was nice enough to help, but his boss was a complete ass hat. I couldn't stand him, I couldn't even think of him in the ways I use to, all I thought was hate, disgusted. I felt humiliated, I felt like a whore for sleeping with a married man. I was his mistress and I felt dirty over it.

I ran up to my room to get out this dress to take a long hot shower to clean myself off. Before I did, I called the girls and asked them to come over. Told them the doors unlocked, jus
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