chapter 10

As my driver pulled up to the building where the ball was being held, photographers were there taking pictures of everyone that was getting out of their cars. When I stepped out, all my nerves that I had pulled back on the way here, just came back. I looked at all of them that was staring at me like a lost puppy dog that just lost his way.

I was snapped out of it when someone had called me and pulled me inside. When I looked it was the woman that helped me along time ago to find the perfect outside for him for our first date.

"I'm so glad you've came, I was wondering if you were coming or not."

"Me, yes. He begged me to come once he got back in town." I told her. "Least I knew someone here other than him that could save me from that."

"Yes, well since this is a big event for this company they had to be here. They think because he's the CEO of this company, him and a few other big shots like father will be here." She said as she walked me to a table she was at.
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