chapter 10

After being gone for a few days, phone getting blown up, text message after text, I finally got back to my old self where I wanted to go back home. Not just because Cynthia had told me the words I wanted to see but I needed to go back. I needed to be loved and be by my family.

But just seeing:

"Honey, I kicked out your father. I done what I should have done long time ago back when I caught him with your mother. Yes, I know its sad. But after what he's done to all of us and what he done to you of all people. Especially after losing your mother, you needed a parent in your life and I know I'm not your mother, but I've helped raised you and if your willing to come back you can. I won't be mad at you if you don't."

It hit the heart but I know its not her fault at all. She was more the victim as anyone of us. Her husband, the father of her children, doing them wrong all over again. Then placing his hands on his baby girl that looks dead ass like her mother.

I thought that was the problem,
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