Chapter 4 - Rejection

When I woke up from the dream, I found myself in my room at the pack house, which made me realize that it was not a fucking dream... {fuck, I got a mate} ... I was trying to digest this news when suddenly, the door of my room opened, and Ethan entered.

"You are joking," he said in complete horror while I was still trying to digest the happiness of finally having a mate "you can't be my mate," he said in disgust, and I flinched. "How can moon goddess be so cruel?" he said while pacing... {that's not how I imagined it to be.}

"Listen, Ethan," I tried to make him understand.

"It's alpha for you," he growled, and his eyes flicked between brown and black. His wolf is trying to take control from him.

"Sorry, alpha" I was trying to control myself, but his behavior was hurting me... {but why?}

"Pathetic," he sneered... "I, Ethan Smith, son of Alpha Aiden and Luna Olivia of the blue moon pack, reject you, Aadhya as my mate and future luna of this pack." As soon as these words left his mouth, a searing pain pierced my heart. I screamed in agony and clutched my heart hard to stop the pain. I felt like someone poured lava on my heart, I could not see anything because of tears, but I could hear Ethan's painful groans. I know I am foolish to feel like that, but despite being in so much pain, I want to go near him and soothe him. I slowly crawled from the bed while clutching my heart and went towards where Ethan was sitting on the ground.

I put my hand on his hand and instantly felt sparks traveling down my body. "Are you alright, Ethan?" it came like a whisper. He didn't say anything, but I knew that my touch eased his pain because it did surely lessen mine. After a few minutes of silence, he suddenly pushed me aside and got up from his place. As soon as his touch left mine, the pain came again, and I screamed loudly. I am guessing he is not in pain now because he looks normal. Tears welled up in my eyes because of the unbearable pain. I looked at him pleadingly and extended my hand toward him. Only his touch can ease my pain right now. He looked at my hand and then at my face. His features softened for a second, but he shook his head and clenched his fists to stop himself... {Please don't do this... Please...}

"You will not talk about this with anyone," he said in a threatening tone, then took a step towards me, "and if you will, then I promise my dear mate I will make yours and your loved ones' lives a living hell," he said with so much venom laced voice that I flinched and crawled a little further from him.

He turned towards the door but again turned and looked at me. His eyes traveled down to both my bandaged wrists, then at my foot which is also bandaged, and then at my bruised waist, which is visible because my shirt has ridden up. I quickly covered the uncovered area, and this made him angrier. "PATHETIC," he sneered and closed the door with a loud thud, and I heard his footsteps fading away.

I am still on the floor, and tears are constantly flowing from my eyes, but the pain is mild now. I cocooned myself and cried my heart out. {Why is it happening to me? I have not done anything wrong in my whole life. I have not hurt a single innocent soul in my life. No matter how much someone bullied me, I never fought with anyone, and it's not because I can't fight; it's just because I don't want to hurt anyone... why me?} ...

I was still on the floor when the door of my room opened, and Layla and matt entered the room with panicked looks. As soon as they looked at me, Layla gasped, and Matt ran toward me. He lifted me from the ground and put me on the bed. Layla was on my side in seconds and engulfed me in a hug. I put my head on her chest and cried hysterically. I don't know how much time we spent like that, but slowly my sobs turned into whimpers.

"Chubby," I looked at matt. He is sitting on the chair to my other side as my bed is not large enough for the three of us. "Tell me the name of the person who hurt you, and I promise I will make him suffer."

Even the mere thought of him is hurting me. People say that mates are the gift of the moon goddess herself, and he just rejected me like that. He rejected the moon goddess's gift without thinking twice... {am I that pathetic that the one who is destined to love me unconditionally just turned his back to me without thinking about anything?} ... suddenly I felt pain in my lower abdomen, it was mild in starting, but I can feel it increasing with each passing minute. I put my hand on my stomach and gritted my teeth to stop myself from screaming.

"What happened, addy?" Layla asked me worriedly, and Matt looked at me in panic. Tears are constantly flowing from my eyes. I tried harder to bear the pain, but at last, finally, I gave up and screamed, and both of them jumped from their places in panic. I am now screaming and thrashing in pain, and Layla is trying to get a hold of me.

"Mind link, mom," Layla screamed to matt. "She is hurting herself."

"Noooo," I stopped him with gritted teeth. He stopped and looked at me in confusion. I was about to explain more to them when a jolt of pain crossed, and I thrashed and screamed harder than ever, making Layla fall from the bed. Matt ran towards me and tried to get hold of me, but he was also unsuccessful, and then suddenly, just like the pain started, it ended abruptly. I took deep breaths while clutching my stomach. I am now covered in sweat, my breaths and heartbeats are uneven, and I feel a little dizzy.

Layla came towards me slowly and put her hand on my head. "You alright, addy," she asked in a timid voice. I didn't have the strength to say anything, so I nodded.

I was expecting them to ask me many questions, but none of them said anything. Layla just came towards me and sat on the bed near me while Matt went towards the cupboard and took the first aid kit from it. I crawled toward Layla and put my head on her lap. She softly stroked my hair while Matt changed my bandages as old ones were soaked in the blood because of my rough thrashing. After changing my dressing also, no one said anything. Tears were still flowing from my eyes, I was feeling exhausted, and my whole body was sore.

"Sleep addy, we are not leaving you alone," I heard Layla's voice before blackness engulfed me.


{I tried to open my eyes, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not do so. I can hear two whimpering sounds and a few people talking and walking around me.

"What are the orders?" a cold voice asked.

"He is coming here on his own until then; we can't do anything," another voice answered, but none of the voices were familiar to me.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, but I could still hear whimpering. After a few minutes, three pairs of footsteps came toward me, and again I tried to open my eyes but failed.

"Hmm, good work," I heard a voice, but this voice was the most sinister than all I had heard until now. "Kill her too and then dump their bodies in their pack and carve my name on their bodies. They should know who the boss is now," he said, and then I heard fading footsteps.

I didn't know what was happening around me, but soon I heard the sound of a sword coming out of the scabbard. A few footsteps came to my right, and then I heard the sound of a sword swinging in the air, followed by the sound of a blade cutting flesh. I am not just scared, I am frightened to death now, and all the darkness that is surrounding me is making me more uneasy. One of the two whimpers slowly started fainting, and the last word I could hear was 'AADhyaa..."


I woke up from my dream with a jerk and looked around for the source of that whimpering but no one was in my room other than Matt and Layla who were looking at me with worried expressions. I rubbed my face using both my hands and took a deep breath. I can see that they are trying to stop themselves from asking questions.

"I will be back in a minute," I told them and went inside the bathroom. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. My waist-long curly hairs are unruly as always; my eyes are red and puffy and are looking devoid of any happiness. I turned my gaze from my face, wiped the water droplets from my face, and came out of the bathroom. I slowly walked towards the bed, took my specs from the side table, put them on, and sat in the same position as before.

"Are there many people in the pack house right now?" I asked.

"Today is the 22nd of the month. Everyone is on the ground for barbecue," Matt answered. "We came to take you there with us."

"Close the window, matt," I told him, and he did what I said. He again took his previous seat, and now both of them were waiting for me to answer their unasked questions. I took a deep breath to lessen some heaviness from my chest, but nothing was helping.

"Ethan is my mate" as soon as these words escaped from my lips, both of them gasped, but before they said or assumed anything, I completed the whole news... "and he rejected me." Matt and Layla stood growling from their places, and their eyes flicked between theirs and their wolves.

"I am going to rip him limp by limp" Layla's wolf surfaced.

"I will destroy him" Matt wolf is also in control now. Both of them are about to exit my room. I know I can stop them by using my beta command, but I don't want to use my authority over them.

"Don't leave me!" I shouted, and both of them stopped dead in their tracks. I know they were beyond mad as their shoulders were extremely tense, fists were clenched, and even with normal human hearing, I could hear their labored breaths. "Please," I told them, and finally they gave up, came towards me, and hugged me. "Don't tell this to anyone," I told them.

"Layla, stay with her. I will come back in a minute," matt told her, but I grabbed his arm.

"He is your alpha. He will banish you from the pack." I tried to make him understand the situation.

"Having alpha's blood in your veins doesn't make you alpha" ... {he is talking nonsense...}

"I don't want any of you to confront him. I don't want to give him the satisfaction that I am crying like a weakling here when he rejected me without even having a second thought."

"Are you even able to register your words chubby? Did you know why you were feeling the pain a while ago?" he is fuming, and I tried to ignore what he said, but I can't run from the truth... "He is fucking someone else chubby, and you are the one who has to suffer this because you have not accepted his rejection" he shouted that rejection part, and I flinched. "He made you suffer, you are crying here, and he is whoring around. He is severing the mate bond between both of you. Both of you are tied to this bond. He can't take any decision alone about this"

"Please, Matty," I said, but I don't know why I was pleading. Is it because I want him to stop telling the truth? Or I want to stop him from hurting Ethan.

He took a deep breath and came in front of me. "Accept the rejection, chubby" his voice was soft, but still, his words were piercing my heart. "The more time you will take, the more you will suffer." He said and got up from his place, and I looked at him in panic. "I am going to bring food for us, nothing else. I promise," he said and went out of the room.

Layla is simply sitting with me, and none of us said anything. I want to distract my mind from everything that happened today. "Layla, mind link matt. We are going to the human settlement," I told her and got up from my place. I walked towards the cupboard and took whatever clothes came into my hand.

"I don't think that's a good idea. We can go tomorrow," she told me nervously.

"My birthday is today, Layla. Come on now, take anything you want to wear from my cupboard, and please don't deny," I pleaded softly and went to the bathroom. I took a quick bath and changed into a ragged denim and black tank top. Matt and Layla were both there when I exited the bathroom, but none of them looked ready. "Guys, I am serious. I wanted to go there, and I am not going alone." They were looking unsure, so I focused on Matt first "please, Matt" I could see that he was still confused, but he just nodded.

"I will be back within a few minutes then," he said and went out of my room. I looked at Layla and cocked an eyebrow.

"Fine," she rolled her eyes and finally took something from the cupboard and went to the bathroom. She came out after a few minutes and was wearing black shorts and a black crop top.

"Do you have Ethan's number?" I asked her while she was combing her hair.

"Why do you need his number?" she asked me and narrowed her eyes.

"So that I can enjoy my night," I told her and took her mobile. I called him, put the cell on speaker, and tried to comb my hair.

He answered the call after a few minutes "hello." It will be a lie if I say his voice does not affect me.

"Don't get intimate with anyone for at least this night. I can feel the pain, and it is unbearable," I told him and tried not to show any emotions.

"So, a weirdo like you will tell me what to do and what not to do," he told me coldly, and I instantly knew he was angry.

"Listen, Ethan. Moon goddess paired me with you. It's not like I chose you by myself. I don't have any mistake in this. You rejected me, and I did not say anything, now, I just want a peaceful night, and a particular body part of yours has already given me enough pain to last for almost two days. I am just asking for today's night" instead of saying anything, he disconnected the call.

"Damn, please addy let me go. I wanted to kill that bastard" Matt is now standing in front of me. Before I said something, Ethan came barging into my room... {Why is this man so adamant about increasing my problems?}

"Who do you think you are to order me bitch?" as soon as he completed his sentence, a punch came out of thin air and met hard with his jaw. I looked wide-eyed as Layla was now standing between Ethan and me.

"Stay away from her," she whispered... {I already know this is going to happen} ...She is shaking in anger, her fists are clenched, and blood is dripping from her fists {that punch would have been really hard then} ...I looked at Matt for help, but he was also in the same state. Suddenly I felt the change in atmosphere, and I looked at Ethan. His eyes are not brown anymore, his eyes are pitch black, and his jaw is clenched, but what made me nervous are his already elongated canines and claws... {well, this is not looking good...}

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I thought she was human and she should have accepted his rejection
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Karina Vazquez
She does not need a day to accept the rejection, she should do it already and publicly.
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Why didn’t she accept the rejection

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