Chapter 13 - A bad-ass shit

"The attacks that we faced are not the only vampire attack on the blue moon pack. The attack in which my parents died was also a vampire's attack". As soon as I said this, Luna looked at Alpha in concern, and he tried to stay calm.

"Are you sure?" Alpha asked me, and I nodded positively.

"If I was not sure, then I don't think I would have killed them," I told him, and he became stiff and nodded.

"I have to talk about this to the alpha king," he said to Luna, and she stood from her place. "Do you want us to take him to the orphanage for you?" Alpha asked while looking at Diego. I shook my head and encircled my arm around his sleeping figure.

"No, he will stay with me," I said, and both of them exited the room. I carefully adjusted myself to the lying position, so I didn't wake dee. Nightmares are very common for me, but today I dreamt of my real-life memory. For once, I felt that they were with me in real and, no matter if it was in a dream, I wanted to meet them. I tried to sleep,
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Karina Vazquez
Finally we will hear from this king alpha, I think that’s him. The savior!

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