Chapter 15 - Alpha king

Suddenly the same black wolf came out of the bushes, and I took a deep breath. Dee was still behind me, and I could still feel his fear. I turned towards him and hugged him. "It's alright," I told him, and he looked behind me at the wolf... {this wolf seriously needed to stop appearing like that}

I let Dee go and looked at the wolf "you don't have to come like that every time," I told him, and he smirked. "No need to be scared, dee, he is just..." I stopped and thought hard... {I don't even know who he is?} ... "Can you please change in your human form?" He ignored me and sat on the ground a few steps away from us. I sighed in irritation "come on, dee, let's sit somewhere else. I already had my share of adventures in the last two days," I told him, and the wolf scoffed while dee nodded. We went a little away from him and were about to sit when we heard the howling of several wolves, and this instantly made me smile while Dee looked confused.

"What was that addy?" he asked me, and I r
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Well damn, how old is Diego. In some chapters he’s two years old and in others he’s five years old? ...

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