Chapter 16 - Pudding

I don't have to be told twice when it is about dee. I got up from my place and ran out of the orphanage to the pups' training ground, where Beth was waiting for me.

"Alpha called him in his office, but he got up and ran towards woods in between." I turned towards the woods and was about to walk away when she added, "Ethan went behind him" I didn't have time even to curse the situation, so I walked to the first place that came to my mind and seemed like my luck is with me today because I found him on the very first place..{he ran at the lake}... but as soon I saw his condition all the other thoughts fled from my mind.

He is standing there glaring at Ethan, but what worried me most was that he was not looking normal at all. He is breathing heavily, his fists are clenched, and his little body is trembling. When I noticed his eyes, I gasped as I finally realized what was happening. His eyes have turned hazel in color and are glowing, which means his wolf is taking control for the first t
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