Chapter 70 - A visit to 'The club' Part II

I didn't turn, but I knew that he would be able to hear my heartbeats. I turned the knob, but it didn't take me long to understand that this knob was here just to fool the people, and we couldn't open the door from it... {shit, I am stuck}

"Need help, little kitten", I heard a husky voice near my ear. I gathered up my courage, plastered a fake smile on my face, and turned backwards.

"Yes, please. I wanted to go to the other side, but I think I am doing it wrong" I can see his eyes becoming a deep shade of red..... {He will be able to smell my fresh wound and blood} ... I can see that he is trying his best to stop his fangs from elongating.

"Listen, I know that my blood is extremely alluring for you, but right now, I am not in a healthy state to donate my blood to a vampire". As soon as I finished my sentence, he grabbed my neck and raised me from the ground. His eyes are now bloodshot red... {wrong choice of words, Aadhya}

"A hunter in a vampire's club with sass are not the things
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Karina Vazquez
What a Waste of time! She could have spend time with Ryan instead

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