Chapter 71 - A heavenly kiss

I couldn't tear my eyes from him while wherever he touched me, his hand left a heavenly tingling sensation all over my body... "Ryan", I whispered, but he was not looking at all bothered by our closeness. His whole focus is on my neck right now, while I can't even understand what he is looking at with so much intensity... {Is he planning to mark me now when I have accepted him?... shit, that vampire's fingerprint} ... as soon as I remembered, I cursed audibly, and now I can understand why he was looking so mad.

"I can explain."

"Then explain '' he shouted, and I flinched.

"I went to the club where Rita worked for the information. There a vampire misunderstood me for a huntress" I stopped and, as he was still looking mad, I turned my gaze downwards {Mad Ryan doesn't look that much good}

"Look at me," he said with gritted teeth, and I didn't know why he was angry...ok, I can accept the disappointment because let's agree, that was not a very wise decision, but why the anger? I gathere
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