Chapter 73 - My king

I was unable to sleep because of the anxiety of meeting council members and obviously my injured body. So, I finally gave up trying to sleep and decided to go to the gym. I knew that in my condition I would not be able to do anything, but I am hoping to find Matt and Mia there as they would be preparing for morning training along with a few warriors. Ryan didn't come home yesterday, he said that something urgent came up, and no matter how hard I try to ignore this, I can't help but miss him more and more. I tried to tie my hair but hey, who am I kidding? I can't even tie my hair with two hands without struggling, then trying my hair with one hand is next to impossible. I grabbed a large T-shirt and wore it while my hand that is in the sling, is also under the shirt... {oh, I love these extra-large t-shirts}.

I went outside the house as silently as I could and went towards the gym. When I entered the gym, I witnessed a very surprising and weird scene. Mia was helping Sarah in the worko
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