Chapter 74 - A family to love

Ryan's POV -

I don't know when I slept this peacefully last time. I woke up almost half an hour ago, but as Aadhya was still sleeping, I didn't dare to move an inch. I will not say that it is not torture to sleep with her like that because first, her T-shirt that she called 'comfortable' is not much comfortable for me because it is so huge on her petite body. It keeps getting upward with every slight movement, which distracts me more than I would like to accept in front of her. Second, due to her wounds, I can't hug her tightly to make her stop moving, and if she continues moving like that, then I am afraid she will hurt herself.

Someone knocked on the door, and Aadhya stirred in her sleep, but I patted her waist softly till she went back to sleep. After a minute, Shira entered the room, and she already had a goofy smile plastered on her face.

"She is still sleeping," I whispered, and she was now smirking at me. "What did you want?" I whispered again.

"Lily is waiting for you downs
Mudita Upreti

Hello guys, this is Mudita Upreti, author of this book. If you like my work so far, please do share your views through the comments and review section of this book. I am also planning to write a separate book on Dee's life. Do share your views on it too. Thank you for showing your love and support for my book. It really means a lot.

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Karina Vazquez
So they are family, cousins. Interesting!
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My only quibble is the literal translation. You need a beta reader familiar with English idioms. Example: we say our hair is down, not open. We worry, not take tension. I say minor because English is very forgiving and context helps. The plot and storyline are fantastic!
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D.L Ford
I am loving this book it’s nice to see mates that don’t just jump on each other and take there time. Am hoping we go back to her childhood where in the one chapter talking about her paws unless it was a type o but still a wonderful fresh read

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