Chapter 75 - Wounded and jealous but still lovable

We were shocked to even react to this. We all were silent and trying to digest the new piece of information when Shira fell to the ground. Aadhya didn't try to get her up, but she did hug Shira. "Are you alright, gramma?" she asked her in concern while Shira's gaze was fixed on Lily.

"You are Dominic's daughter," she said to lily with tears in her eyes "oh my god, how stupid of me not to recognise these eyes" she went towards lily, but Lily didn't even let her come near her.

"Stay away from me. Just because your scent and smell are similar to her scent. It doesn't mean that you are my grandmother, and don't you dare to even utter my dad's name with your foul mouth" in minutes, Shira's demeanour changed from loving to that of mad. She got up and placed her hands on her hips, and looked pointedly at lily.

"Watch your words, young lady. Don't think that I will not scold you just because you are Dom's daughter. For me, rose and Dom are both equal and similar to them; you and Aadhya are
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