Chapter 77 - The truth from a dying man

Ryan was by my side within minutes. "Where are you?" I asked gramma while we both walked out of his office.

"In the hospital. He was also in the hospital, and doctors were treating him. He was not looking in good condition. I am going to the operation theatre right now and going to do my best to save him, but still, I don't think he will make it for long. You need to come fast, or your questions will remain unanswered" With it, she cut the call.

"You all should wait. We have an urgent matter to deal with," Ryan said with authority and took my hand in his.

We went outside without even discussing it, and he took his bike. I climbed behind him, and he released his aura around us. He drove at high speed, and I clutched his torso tightly. It is not surprising that he didn't even need to use breaks even once on the whole way, thanks to his aura for this. We ran inside towards the reception area, where Ben was already waiting for us.

"This way, fast" we ran behind him, and he directly too
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Karina Vazquez
She has a great opportunity to show them why they will follow her. She should command him to talk.
goodnovel comment avatar
You’re getting better with every chapter! Thank you for the storyline, it’s so much fun to read! Also, a separate story for Dee will be great but please don’t remove him completely from this one as he seems to be an integral part of the family. Can I please request more understanding on white wolves

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