Chapter 78 - Lucius's heir

He didn't say anything; he just looked at me with his keen eyes. "You all can go and wait for us in the living area or maybe enjoy some food or rest or whatever," I told others while my eyes were still focused on the elder Theodore.

"We are elders, we have the right to know about everything" others are also looking in support of Richard, but I am not in the mood to deal with their shit right now.

"Who will know about me, and how much is the decision that only I can make. If you don't want to accept me, then don't, now out" I know I am being harsh, but they should also know when to shut their mouth. No one even moved from their place, which raised my temper even more "everyone out," I said through clenched teeth, and this time not only they heard but also complied ... {Why don't they understand that I don't want to use my command?}... Elder Theodore also stood, but I stopped him "not you" He released a breath and again took his seat while Ryan also dragged a chair beside me and sat on
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Karina Vazquez
I am glad the elder is not the enemy

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