Chapter 89 - The final war : The end of Greyson

All the people, irrespective of their species, are writing in pain for a complete half an hour. If it were not for Aadhya, they would have felt the same for at least a few hours more, but she can't see her loved ones in this condition for much longer... especially Ryan. Even after ending everything, not even a single person has the strength to stand on their feet again. The experience that they felt is so painful that many of them are still shivering, and there are goosebumps all over their body. Few are still crying.

Aadhya was observing all this when Ryan got up and engulfed her in his arms. No words were exchanged between them, but Ryan already knew what he had experienced just now. All of them experienced the experience of Aadhya when Greyson was experimenting on her. They all were able to feel the pain that she had felt for two years. They heard the cruel laughter of Greyson, they heard him talking with Aadhya, and in return, only her whimpers were heard by them.

While everyone
Mudita Upreti

Even after writing this hugggeeee chapter, my brain cells have already died, and still, the book is not completed. The happy ending is in the next chapter (I really don't want to drag this book, but the things when I imagine are too short, and when I write, it comes out as a looonnnggg chapter)

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Inocencio Buenasflores Karen
thank u this the best ever update
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Bella Bankz
nice one I really appreciate your work here is amazing
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Hina Simpson
awesome book. I like longer chapter cause I want to keep reading. l Iove ur book.

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