Chapter Ten

“Why don’t you blast him through this wall?” Stone suggested to me. I struggled to my feet. Now that Vic was choking, he’d released me. I swayed. I had one shoe on, one off, a blood river making its way down my outer thigh, and I was pretty sure both my nipples were winking at Stone. Add in the rapidly swelling jaw and what felt like a black eye; doing a private dance hadn’t been the get-rich-quick plan I’d thought it to be, only a few hours ago.

“It doesn’t work like that. I can’t always…. Make it happen. I don’t make it happen at all, really,” I muttered, feeling woozy. I clung to the wall, as Stone advanced into the room. He had his eyes on me, taking in every inch, even as his concentration, and hand, was still extended to Vic.

“If you never use it, of course, it won’t work reliably,” Stone muttered before his eyes fell to my leg. “You need healing.”

“No, I don’t, I’m fine. I don’t like hospitals,” I said, just as Vic was released from Stone’s invisible grip. Vic sagged to the
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