Chapter Sixteen


Hunting Aria was frustrating. The smells of the human world were something else. There was so much blood and decay and just plain old garbage in this world. Of all the places that William could have chosen to hide my bride, he had chosen the human world.

I wished I could go back and kill him for treating my betrothed so carelessly. Thanks to him, Aria had grown up in a poor, hellish world, mistreated by men like the one I had killed.

Only I was allowed to treat Aria poorly. No one else.

She was mine.

She’d dreamt of me last night. I could feel it. The dream was really a memory. Of course, the Aria in the dream had known me, remembered me, unlike the naïve, wild, little human she’d become.

She was once poised to become my graceful fae queen and now, she would need training and re-education.

She’d need taming, and my hand itched to carry it out.

I’d loved her once, and I’d paid the price of my foolishness by losing her. She’d tricked me, and escaped from the Fae realm. She might n
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I hope u continue writing !! It's a great story and I'm looking forward to reading on..

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