I rushed inside the room hastily. August was pinned on the couch by two men four times her size.

She looked devastated. Her face was covered with tears as she fought for her dignity. She looked completely helpless but no one seemed to be bothered by her constant begging and struggles. 


“Back off!” I snapped and push away those perverts who are busy touching her naked skin..

She is an omega. But she is a girl, for fuck’s sake! 

“Adrian!” dad’s thundering voice crescendoed in my ears, “Do not interfere. You have already done enough.”

I grabbed August’s clothes off the floor and tossing them to her, “Put them on.”

She grabbed them immediately and rushed behind the couch to put the clothes back on. When I turned back around, I saw the same guards inching toward the couch, trying to look at her.

“Hey, perverts!” their eyes snapped to me immediately, getting caught made them stumble and move away from that place.

“Out of here. Right now!” I barked, “and remember to get ten whips without any clothes on since you are so much into naked bodies.”

“Adrian! You are not the alpha yet.” Dad snapped, “I am!”

The guards’ gazes got filled with fear hearing my words, “Wh- we were only following alpha’s orders.”

“Were you?” I scoffed dangerously, “fine then. Now you will follow my order. Since you have so much more energy outside of the training ground. From now on all of you will run ten more rounds each day for one whole month.”

Their terrified gazes shot to dad. But dad kept quiet. Dad hated my stubbornness and proud decisiveness but he was proud of me as well. I was his pride. There was no way in hell he was going to embarrass me for a bunch of guards.

 “Now, get the fuck out of here!” I growled and they have to obey.


“You stay here, Lucinda. Tell me if this evil spawn of mine lies about anything,” Dad commanded.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. August stood up from behind the couch, still shaking with a terrified look in her eyes, but now fully clothed.

“What is going on here? You guys seriously think I impregnated her?” I asked, shooting the girl an incredulous look, “nothing happened between us! No sex, for god’s sake. I am not some kind of sex pervert who would go around sticking my dick in every walking female species.”

“I doubt that.” Dad muttered and folded his arms on his chest, “tell me the truth, Adrian. This is not a small matter that I can bury under the ground.”

“Stop talking about this.” I snapped in frustration. “I told you. Nothing happened! ”

Isn’t this all embarrassing enough? Everyone is talking about it. I don’t want to be remembered as a naked apron weirdo!   

“Adrian, how can you be trying to save her face even now?” Lucinda said in a voice that oozed innocence and worries, “you are not thinking about alpha’s reputation. What would people say if they heard that Alpha Bruno’s son has impregnated an omega and he did nothing? Even if you didn’t do it, it doesn’t change the fact that she is responsible for spreading the rumour to gain attention. Sometimes we have to do the right thing even if it hurts us. She deserves to be punished.”

“About the punishment,” I grabbed August by her arm and started dragging her out of the room, “I will teach her the lesson she deserves. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

“Adrian.” Dad’s strict voice rang in the room, making me halt in my steps.


“Make sure to handle this matter well. Or else…” dad muttered threateningly.

I tightened my grip on August and pulled her out of the room. She remained silent throughout the way. I led her toward my office. It was safe and quiet and we could finally have some privacy.

Opening the door, I walked inside the dark-painted room. The wooden doors behind me got shut automatically. I finally let go of her arm. Even though my grip on her had not been tight, she rubbed her arm where I had touched her self-consciously.

She looked confused as she stared at me and then sneakily around the room. 

When her gaze finally met mine again, I leaned back on the table with my hips against the corner, and asked, “Don’t you think that claiming you are pregnant with my child a step too far into gaining popularity?”

“I never said that to anyone!” she finnaly found her voice, like the mere idea of my accusation on her was baffling, “I just vomited in a sink and everyone started saying I am pregnant! ” 

“Look, I won’t punish you. You are just another victim suffering from your hopeless love for me. I understand” I rolled my eyes and straightened, “but now you know the consequences of your actions. Don’t spread fake news ever again, got it?”

“What love?” she asked with a very convincingly curious face. I gotta give it to her. She really is a good actress. No wonder all the people fell for every word she said so easily.

“Drop it already.” I said , “I heard everything you were saying to the omegas in the hall. How handsome I am. How you can not bear to take your eyes off of my chest.” I smirked, watching the blood rush to her cheeks and burn her face red, “it’s alright. It happens literally all the time.” I muttered proudly.


“Are you not going to admit it even now?” I shook my head in exasperation, “come on, August. Even if I was just passing by the hall, hearing those words out of your mouth was definitely not my imagination, was it?”

“No, but-”

“You are in love with me, and that is perfectly fine!” I said calmly, “just try to keep this love of yours hidden like my other fan girls do. You wouldn’t want to make them jealous for being the only one seeing me naked.”

Her face was so red that I wondered if she was having an allergic reaction. She looked almost angry, but I knew she is just shy. 

“Now go on and thank me for saving you by making a Tres Leches Cake as a payback. I sure deserve some extra milky sweet today.” I grinned.

“Have you always been so much self-centred or is it a disease you caught as you grew older?” she asked with clenched teeth but her lips were twisted in a forced smile. 

Is she out of her mind?

“Aw, now don’t try to turn this against me, little omega after you’ve gotten caught.” I leaned forward to bring my face close to her and whispered with a smirk.

“Don’t try to fill your brain with your imaginations evil spawn after losing your brains.” she retorted, making me scowl. 

“Don’t call me evil spawn.” I snapped.

“Don’t behave like one.” she hissed angrily.

“God… you are annoying,” I muttered and turned away from her.

But then I heard a sudden and strange sound. I turned around.

She started crying, louder and louder. Tears washed down her face. She didn’t even have the strength to wipe them off. 

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed, her body shaking terribly, “I was so shocked and scared! I can’t help it.” 

Like a wet puppy, she just cried and cried. And I felt terrible.

“I’m sorry” those words blurted out of my mouth, “You are safe here. You are gonna be alright.”

But she cried harder “You are all so mean. Like unnecessarily mean. Starting from you, why couldn’t you just stay and hide in that storage room??”

“Everything will pass. I promise.” I hesitantly patted her back.

She was still sobbing, but finally let out a small smile.

Suddenly the smile faded from her face and her eyes fell close. She fell down on the floor, hard. 

I rushed over immediately and bent down to check her. With my hand on her forehead, I gasped as I felt her burning temperature that was through the roof. I took a deep breath and turned my head around to call someone for help, but at that very moment, I sniffed the air, noticing a change of scent in her air. Her scent was changing.

“Ahh…” she groaned in pain, her body twisting at different angles, breaking bones. And then that groan turned into an ear-shattering scream, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… H- help.”

I shot up on my feet and stepped back. She was changing into her wolf?

Her bones snapped, her skin ripped open and turned to fur. She was changing her form, it seems for the first time, but I had never seen a transition this excruciating ever before in my life. It was almost gruesome.

“August!” I called out her name, “don’t try to fight it. Let the wolf take over. It will be over soon.”

I tried to give her assurance but worry had engulfed me as well. My room was soundproof so her screams were getting buried within these walls. 

She was quickly taking the form of a white wolf bit by bit. Her face changed, her eyes flashing green and her hands turning into paws that elongated into lethal claws.

I was amazed at the sight. That can't be right

But then something stirred inside of me. A strange sensation that I had never felt before. A definite, harsh pull. 

I turned on my feet, my gaze immediately finding the source of that pull.

Ash, my wolf took over my senses as I stood still in my human form. He sniffed the air. An unusual, addicting scent filled my body that I couldn’t get enough of.

Before I could realize what was going on or even think anything to make sense of it all, Ash growled out, 


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