I recognized that face. I had seen the redheaded, six feet bloke hanging out with Adrian a million times ever since they were little. They were best friends ever since I knew of their existence.

His eyes immediately fell upon my naked form which was barely covered with Adrian’s shirt. His eyes widened for a brief second in shock but then he threw the omega working suit in his hand on me. It looks identical to the suit I was wearing before it turned into strips. My eyes dropped in shame and I tried to hide my body as much as possible.

“Wear it,” Adrian muttered and marched over to Brady. Grabbing Brady’s neck from behind he turned him around to face the wall.

I took a moment to collect myself. Standing up on my feet, and pinning my gaze on the both of them to make sure they don’t peek at me.

None of them made a move to turn and look at me change like a pair of good boys.

Grabbing the shirt off the floor, I clutched it tightly in my hand, and breathed deeply before walking up to
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Rachel Bilibawa
An amazing story

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