My eyes had snapped open completely. I straightened, getting up to sit in the bed. Adrian had his cell to his ear, listening to his dad from the other side of the call. He was quiet and unaffected as he heard the news while I had just become still with shock.

“Is he alive?”

“He is.” Alpha Bruno replied, “badly hurt though. His head was smashed, and three of his ribs were broken. A leg fracture and shoulder dislocated.”

“Did they find who attacked him?” Adrian asked, his eyes briefly slides to my face before moving toward the little devil piggie of mine who was now growling at Adrian like he had snatched its favorite food out of its mouth.

“No,” Alpha Bruno said, unaware of the lethal visual battle that Frankenswine and Adrian were having, “The guards were changing shifts when it happened. Lorenzo could not see the attacker’s face as he was pinned down from behind.”

A ghost of smirk appeared on Adrian’s face.

My confusion grew deeper.

Alpha Bruno continued, “Griffin is earning my bra
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Gayle Ecklund
So have you totally forgotten about Lucinda?

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