“Lorenzo was in the hospital. In your fucking hospital! How in the fucking world his oxygen mask came off without anyone noticing? What kind of lousy security have you given to my son?!”

Brady was standing in all his glory with his hands in his pocket and a poker face. I was not used to seeing him this serious as he was always playful when he was with Adrian. But right now he looked like his face had been set with glacier. Just emotionless and stern.

He looked at the two guards standing on the side, “Did you see anyone going in and out? The security footage?”

“No one.” the guards who were almost as big as MMA fighters with strong built and fully clothed bodies, shrugged, “there is no camera inside the hospital room but no one went inside the room except the guards and Alpha Griffin.”

“Maybe your son took the mask off on his own while unconscious?” Brady questioned.

Even I knew that it was not a very smart assumption.

Alpha Griffin scoffed furiously, “You are making a fun of me, arent
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