The talk travelled faster than air. Gossip spread like wildfire. As if it was a viral story on the internet, all the misdeeds that Lorenzo had ever committed started spreading out along with the sins that he had committed after coming to our pack.

As his crimes got revealed, and people found out that he had tried to murder multiple omegas, the gossip about him increased even more. The headline of his crime was- Lorenzo is being punished by a mysterious force created by Moon goddess for taking advantage of his power.

Getting beaten up without trace, the oxygen mask falling off, and especially the attack of crows- it all signified that Lorenzo had committed grave sins for which moon goddess had cursed him. He would never be a good alpha. He is going to die at our pack but not before he had suffered a lot.

The more people talked, the more news spread and badmouthing about alpha Griffin, Leila and Lorenzo began. Alpha Griffin, on the other hand, was furious out of his mind.

Now as I pi
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