The Night Shift

Stella walked up to her boss who was standing at the front of the counter. He is a middle aged man of 40 years, also known as the famous Landon who is; the owner of the bar. Stella hardly sees him because he almost never shows up in the morning shift, she heard that he was always active in the night shift and wherever she heard that from, the person was not wrong.

He was making a phone call when she came so he signalled her to wait by placing a hand on the mid air, Stella politely waited and it took him over thirty minutes to end the phone call. The moment he was done, he stared up at her and his gaze began racking her from body head to toes.

"You must be the girl named Stella Carpenter?" he asked when his gaze finally settled on her face.

Stella flashed him a low smile and nodded, he looked at her and nodded then his gaze continued racking her body from head to toes and Stella was beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

"Why haven't I seen you here before?" He asked and she looked up at him, "That was because I was always at the morning shift sir" she replied with the most polite voice she could muster.

While answering all the questions that he was asking her, she kept reminding herself that she must not f**k up, she's doing all these for her brother so she must never f**k up, her brother must resume from next week, he was just nineteen years and was in his final year of high school, since her job had been keeping him going for so long now then it can as well keep him going till it finally finishes.

Landon stared at her with surprised eyes wondering why he had never seen her in the night shift before, I mean just look at her body, she's what the call perfect for this job even the uniform fits her quite well, with a kind of body and face like this then she would be able to attract a lot more customers especially the rich ones.

"What's your name again?" He asked, hence too much thinking and staring has allowed him to forget her name ever so quickly.

"Stella Carpenter," she replied.

"Stella Carpenter what a beautiful name for a beautiful body" he complimented and she smiled, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

What's with the sudden compliments??

"I'm glad to have someone like you on our night shift today and I have an offer for you" he started and she looked up at him.

"What offer?"

"I want you to make this night shift your habits, I want you to start coming here every night" he replied.

What??, Every night!?, No, there was no way Stella could do that. "I'm sorry sir but I..

"How about I'll pay you triple of what you used to receive" he cut her off, knowing fully well that no one in their right mind would refuse this kind of offer and from the looks on her face, one could tell that she was starting to rethink.

"Triple?" She repeated and he nodded.

"I'll think about this sir" she bowed and Landon just smiled then placed one of his hands on her shoulders and she almost flinched.

"Okay I'll accept that but just keep in mind that the offer ends from next week" he said.

Stella breathed, this was a really tempting but at the same time cool offer, it could help her brother and her mother a lot but it's also really dangerous because Charles might find out and he won't be too pleased about it.

"Alright, stop thinking already. I have a work for you" Landon's voice rang in her ears and she immediately came back to earth.

"Tonight you'll be serving our special VIP guest at the VIP room and here is the menu book" he casually took the book that was placed on the table and handed it over to her, "The room is at the top floor upstairs, follow Thomas, he'll show you the way to the room and when you get there, serve number 25 only" he instructed.

Stella listened attentively and nodded. 'Number 25 only, got it' she casually told herself in her head as a reminder so she won't forget because she's always used to forgetting things and just reminding herself things in her mind helps her alot.

"Here's their drinks, please they are very important don't mess up" he pointed to a table where a tray of drinks were kept and she nodded.

After taking the drinks carefully, she walked up to the guy putting on the bar t-shirt, "Hey excuse me, you must be Thomas right?" She called politely.

The guy turned to look at her and his eyes widened slightly. Stella cleared her throat uncomfortably and he immediately focused his attention back on her face.

"You must be new here?" He asked.

"Hmm for the night shift" she replied with a nod.

"So you're...

"Stella Carpenter, I was asked to take this to the top floor upstairs and you were asked to escort me there" she replied.

"You must be serving the VIP then, come with me" he said then turned around and began leaving, Stella sighed and immediately followed him.

 They finally got to the top floor and he faced her with a smile. "You're here already, good luck" he said, she nodded as a sign of thank you and he left.

Stella breathed out as she finally stepped in, number 25 that was where she was asked to go and serve. She kept reminding herself that she can do this and won't f*ck up and finally she found herself standing at the front of the VIP table with the tray of drinks. Seems like the men sitting there didn't notice her presence because there were three, two were chatting while the other one was busy on his phone.

Stella didn't know how to draw their attention to her so she just kept standing there till one of the men looked up, she noticed that his eyes widened as he stared at her. "Oh my, well look who we have here" he called out to his friends and Stella swallowed nervously. 

The other two guys looked up and Stella's eyes widened as she recognizes one of them, seated at the front of her was the famous Davis McClure that she has been seeing all over the televisions and social media, the one and only CEO of McClure Investment a long time successful technology investing company but that was not her interest because what interests her the most was that her brother was a huge fan of this man right here.

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