Don't Feel To Ahead of yourself Mr,

 Clearing her throat, she decided that it'll be best if she speaks up at least it's better than standing like a pile of nothing. "Good evening sirs my name is Stella and I'll be the one to serve you guys this night" she bowed lowly and placed the drinks on their table.

"Stella, what an interesting name" the man that first looked up earlier was the one who spoke up.

"Thank you Mr…

"Awwwn sweetie, there's no need for Mr. You can just call me Richard and I'm pretty sure that you've heard of me," he smiled.

Stella looked up at his face and studied it thoroughly then concluded that she hadn't seen or heard of him before. "I'm sorry Mr... I mean Richard but you're wrong I haven't heard of you before" she replied in a polite tone.

The moment that sentence left her mouth, the other two guys stared at themselves looking slightly shocked. "You haven't heard of him before?" The second man sitting next to Davis spoke up and Stella creased her brows. Yes she hasn't heard of him before so what was the big deal?, Stella thought, feeling slightly annoyed and irritated already.

"Then I'm sure you're gonna say that you don't know me" he added and Stella looked at his face too, after studying it thoroughly, she shook her head still concluding that she doesn't know him.

Marcus gasped. Did she just say no, who doesn't know the famous Marcus Gonzalez- a famous actor or who doesn't know Richard Thornton a famous model and if she doesn't know them then that means she won't know this other man sitting next to them, "I bet you're gonna tell me that you don't know this guy sitting beside us" he said and Stella shocked him with her reply.

"Davis McClure, the famous CEO of McClure Investment, a long time producing technology investing factory" she replied.

Richard and Marcus stared at themselves in shock then stared at Davis who just smiled slightly. "Oh don't feel too ahead of yourself Mr, I only know you because my brother is a huge fan of you and talks about you a lot, if he wasn't then I won't even know you" she added causing the rest to blink.

Davis's phone slowly fell from his hand and he slowly looked up at her. "What did you say?" He asked.

"You heard me right sir" she replied and began pouring their drinks in their cup.

Davis began staring at her then it all became clear to him, she must be one of those coy girls who needed attention. Maybe that was why she had acted like she didn't know his friends or maybe that was why she had talked to him this way, well if she was one of those girls who needed attention then...

He stared at her from head to toes. Then she has finally gotten his attention because she has everything that he wants, judging from the body and all so maybe a night with this one won't hurt.  

"How much?" He spoke up and Stella stopped pouring the drinks.

"Sir?" She looked up slowly and asked.

"I said how much should I pay to have a one night stand with you?" He asked more loudly and clearly and it seems like the other guest sitting on their table heard it because they began turning back to look.

Stella got a bit embarrassed with his question, her cheeks turned slightly red and she looked at Davis with a small and controlled smile. "I'm sorry sir but I'm not interested, '' she replied with a short bow and turned around to leave immediately. If there was one thing she needed to do then it's to get out of here before she loses her temper, things like this are what pisses her off, when a guy feels like he has money, he thinks that he can do whatever he wanted with it not caring if he was going to degrade others feelings.

But before Stella could touch the door handle someone grabbed her forearm and pulled her back. It was the Davis guy, he had just stood up from his seat and chased after her.

"Don't you think you've acted enough, I know you want to accept my money so just accept it already" he said, gripping on her forearm a little tighter.

"Mr Davis please I'd prefer you let go of my arms this instant" Stella replied in a warning tone because she was really losing her temper already.

"Come on Miss, okay I must commend you, you are really a good actress and I promise to make you feel really good to..

Before Davis could complete the word 'Tonight,' Stella had already used her free hands to slap him right across the face, her eyes sparkling with anger as she stared at him. "I think I was clear enough when I told you to let go of my arm" she said with full authority.

Davis, whose face got bent to the left when she slapped him earlier, slowly faced her. Shock and surprise was definitely present on his facial expression, I mean who wouldn't be?

"It seems like you didn't get that quite well Mr, you won't mind me resetting your brain again right?" Stella added and before he could reply, she gave him another slap on his other cheeks, making everyone gasp. "Need more?" She asked again.

Davis slowly let go of her arm and she smiled. "I'm glad that I was able to reset your brain Mr" she smiled and walked out of the room immediately.

The people present at the table were laughing and whispering silently, Davis slowly turned back to see his friends laughing at him too, he clenched his fist tightly and stormed out of the room in anger. Whoever that girl thought she was, she had just messed with the wrong person. He thought as he found his way out of the bar, ignoring all the callings and then entered his expensive car and angrily drove off.

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