You Don't Need To Be Rich To Look Handsome

Stella got to the backroom and shut the door angrily then sat on the small stool to calm her breathings. After calming down she began reminiscing about what she had just done. She had promised to be calm no matter what and yet she had lost her temper again, just what exactly has she done?

What have you done Stella?, She clenched her fist tight and angrily scolded herself, she bet that if Landon hears about this then he would be angry with her. While thinking, someone opened the back door and she looked up to see her friend coming in with a kind of expression.

"Stella" Arya called and slowly bent in front of her. "I heard the gist about you, why did you do that?, I thought we agreed to be obedient?" Arya scolded.

Stella looked up with her usual pout and bent her head back down. "Arya, I really didn't mean to have acted that way but the man was literally harassing me and I couldn't bear it" Stella replied.

Arya sighed, "I know and trust me I really understand your feelings, I know you don't joke with your body and I also know you have quite a short temper but I thought you were doing all these for your brother, boss had promised to pay you triple if you behave or have you forgotten?" She asked.

"I don't just know yunno I wouldn't have acted that way if he had not involved my body, he talked like I was a slut. Bestie he was like, I know you want my money so just accept it already, I'm twenty five for crying out loud, I might not have gone to school but I deserve respect"  Stella complained.

Arya just inwardly gave up, knowing fully well that her friend would never back down into something like this. "Okay okay let's forget about all these but just pray that boss doesn't find out" Arya rolled her eyes as she casually stood up.

"But you know bestie, on a normal note and on the bright side, that was really cool. I know I wasn't there but I heard that you slapped him really hard, girl I must give you one" Arya said proudly.

Stella just brushed it off and stood up. She doesn't have time for her friend's teasing so it's better if she gets back to work, she can't allow that rich jerk to just ruin her night shift and her money, she still has a younger brother to care about here. Stella resumed her shift and while working she would see some people staring at her, some were even pointing fingers and gossiping about her but she didn't seem to really care even though she was a bit embarrassed.

Finally Stella was done with her night shift, she started working around eight and now she's finishing around eleven, luckily her boss didn't hear about the scandal that just happened some hours ago so he gave her the night payment and even tripled it just to make sure that she comes the next night. Stella trekked home with Arya, since Arya was leaving just few blocks before her house, she escorted her, greeted her goodbye and continued her journey back to her house, it was a bit dark and she was really scared because this would be the first time that she would be coming home this late, she was even sure that her mother and brother were worried about her and not just them, she was sure that Charles would have called her a lot too. Thinking of this, she just remembered that she left her phone at home and gosh!! She's so dead.

When Stella got home, she met her brother sitting on the small couch and playing some games with his new PSP. This little jerk!Here she was working her butt off just to pay his school fees and he didn't even care, instead he had rushed to get a new PSP for himself.

"Krm.. krm" she cleared her throat and he immediately straightened up then looked at his side. His eyes widened and his face brightened immediately.

"Oh my God sis!" He exclaimed as he jumped up from the couch and immediately rushed to her, he hugged her tight and pulled away then stared at her face with a pout. "I was worried I mean I was not worried, I was just calling you but you didn't pick" he pouted.

"Oh that was because I left my phone at home and Jace, it won't be hard if you can just admit that you missed me for once" she smacked his head.

"Ouch sis!, Fine you got me, I really missed you" he smiled and Stella chuckled then ruffled his curly hair.

"Stop that sis, I'm not a baby!" He complained as he slapped his sister's hand off his hair, she always loves doing that and he doesn't like it. "I'll work you in, come on" he added and held her hands then began pulling her towards the direction of her room.

"Where's mom?" She asked when they got to the corridor.

"Mum is sleeping, please don't disturb her because it was really hard to put her to sleep, she has been worried about you non-stop, she even got more worried when she saw that your phone was at home" he said.

"Oh that's sad, I'll go see her but I promise not to wake her up" Stella replied and Jace nodded. After taking a few steps forward, Stella turned back to Jace and crossed her arms.

"Jace, why aren't you sleeping yet?" She asked and he looked at her with a pout. It was like he had sensed that question which had been thrown at him earlier and maybe that was why he was trying to answer all her questions and leave his sister in a hurry.

"But sis, what's the point of sleeping early when I won't even go to school tomorrow?" He replied, thinking that he had given her a valuable answer of him not wanting to sleep early.

"You brat!I'm doing everything that I can for you but you won't even appreciate it, you're happy about not going to school aren't you!" She scolded, standing akimbo.

"But sis-

"Enough, Enough and just leave" she cut him off with a tired sigh before he started giving her headaches and Jace nodded with a huge smile. 

"As you wish sis, I'll leave now but I'll also disturb you tomorrow, good night and I love you" he blew her a kiss and ran off.

Stella just smiled as she admired her brother, his curly hair flying around his back as he ran off and she could only just smile proudly. Jace was a really handsome guy of nineteen, with this face, she was sure that he would have tons of girls that are crushing on him so money doesn't really matter I mean you don't need to be rich to look handsome just like her brother. She thought with a proud smile before finding her way to her mother's room.

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