The Most Gifted Girlfriend

When Stella got to her mother's room, she met her tucked like a baby in bed, looking as peaceful as ever while sleeping. Stella let out a low smile and moved closer to her then on the edge of the bed that was just beside her mother's head, she brought her hands to her mother's face and traced it lightly then bent her face slightly lower to kiss her mom's forehead. 

She would do literally anything just to see this woman smile because this woman right here has done quite enough for her, Stella was sure that her father's death had affected her mother the most because she really loves him, back then when her father was still alive, Stella would always get tired of watching them practice their lovey dovey and all but now that he's gone, she wishes that she could just see everything one more time.

She heaved and raised her head up, she wiped the tears that were threatening to fall off her eyes then stood up. "Goodnight Mom" she flashed a smile before leaving the room. Stella went straight to her room and the first thing that came to her mind was her phone, she was sure that Charles would have called her a lot and now what would she tell him, how would she explain?, She shook her head and grabbed her phone that was laying untouched on her mini dressing table and as expected,  there was a lot of miss calls from Charles.

"How do I start, what do I explain with, how do I tell him this" Stella muttered to herself, knowing fully well that Charles would be really mad about that fact that she had done the dangerous night shift but anyways he was her boyfriend and keeping secrets from him was way past her league, she was gonna tell him because it's better that he hears it from her instead of hearing or finding out by another person.

She went to the call icon, searched Charles name which was saved as 'Diamond' and pressed the call icon, her heart kept beating faster as she listened to the phone ring, one ring, two rings and the third ring Charles picked.

"Hello, babe are you there?" She started in a low tone.

"Stella finally I've heard from you, I have been calling you non-stop but you won't pick. I even had to come check on you by myself but couldn't find you at home and your brother told me that you had gone out with Arya, so tell me are you just coming now?"

When Stella listened to his voice, she first gulped all the saliva down her throat. He sounded in a tone mixed with anger and worried, she bets that once she tells him that she was at the night shift with Arya, he would get really angry.

"Nothing" was all she could bring herself to reply, she didn't want her boyfriend to get mad this night, maybe she'd tell him about this tomorrow or another day but she can definitely never tell him this tonight, "I was with Arya in her apartment, uhm.. she just bought some new stuffs and I was helping her fix it, I wanted to sleep over at her place but I just remembered that my phone was at home and you must have been so worried about me so I decided to come home, plus I really miss hearing your voice, I tried calling you this morning but you didn't pick so I guessed that you must be at work because I know the rules about no phones in your office, I'm sorry please forgive me" she pouted.

She doesn't have any choice than to lie to her boyfriend for now, she just hopes that he won't be too mad by the time she finally tells him the truth. "Hunny you know it's after eleven now, if it was so then you should have just slept at Arya's place and explain this to me the next day, I'd totally understand, what if something happens to you one your way back, hey tell me did you take any transport?" He asked.

Stella pouted at his usual behavior, that was how Charles is, always so worried and overprotective of her and she's sure that he's proud because he has the most gifted girlfriend that any man would ever ask of, he always says it to her face every time even the times he would try to touch her and she refuses, he would always understand and would tell her that he is willing to wait till they get married. Charles knows how much her sanity matters to her and that's one of the main reason why he loves her so much, he was just twenty seven and she was twenty five so there was no rush because anything from now or next year he can suddenly pop up with a wedding ring and finally propose and Stella was sure that he'd have done that since if he wasn't too busy with work.

She let out a happy sigh and said, "Arya and I trekked home together and besides my house is just a few blocks away from Arya's house so it was fine" she replied to his question earlier.

"I know you'd say that it was fine but what if something happens to you on your way home?" He asked. "Charlie!!Must you always look at things from the negative side" Stella complained, sometimes she feels like his overprotective attitude was too much, I mean she just trekked home from the bar which was not too far from where she did stay so what was that big deal there?

"I'm sorry honey it's just that you were not with your phone and I wonder what you'd have done if danger comes, I don't know how long I'd have to keep reminding you that anything can happen so don't overlook any situations no matter how small it is'' he said, making Stella to sigh. She really understands from his point of view that's why she has chosen not to argue anymore. "I'm sorry babe, I'll be careful next time" she pouted.

"It's okay I trust you, alright babe I'll be hanging up now, as much as I miss you,I  still have to sleep early so I won't be late for work tomorrow" he said and she nodded . She knew how much Charles' job matters to him so she wouldn't be selfish to keep him up all night even if she wanted to talk to him.

"I understand babe, goodnight I love you" she smiled. "I love you to bae, sending kisses" he replied and she chuckled. "I'll hang up now" he said and she nodded then he hung up.

Stella sighed and put her phone away. It's official that Charles would get mad the moment he finds out that she's working in the night shifts but she's all doing all these for her brother and by the time she gathers enough money for his school fees, she'll quit the shift right away.

This was Stella's decision before she stood up and began taking off her clothes, she was just going to shower and sleep then maybe eat a lot of breakfast tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow should be a really good day.

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